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Mergers & Acquisitions

High-Growth companies seeking to acquire market share through strategic mergers and acquisitions need funding in order to facilitate these transactions. At GrowthPath Partners, we put processes in place to facilitate the acquisition of that investment.

Strategic Acquisition Funding Facilitation

Mergers and acquisitions are a strategic way for companies to expand into new markets and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Does a merger or an acquisition make sense for your company?

To answer that question you’ll want to address the following: Is your desired outcome strategic or financial (or both)? Is your company ready to bring in Private Equity funds and a minority or majority stake in the organization? How will your acquisition or merger affect your current business projections? Do you have a clear plan for merging the companies once you’ve acquired them?

Why should one do an acquisition?

Fill Gaps in Service or Product Offerings

Companies that recognize gaps in skills and experience can acquire (or merge with others who possess those skillsets to keep up with a changing marketplace.

Improve Cost / Revenue Ratios

Cutting costs by acquiring companies with overlapping operations or resources can also increase buying power. Diversifying revenue streams can also open new markets and add complementary products and services.

Accelerate Skill Acquisition

While you may be able to develop a new service or product offering on your own, it may take more time and resources than acquiring a company that already has that offering or capability.

Add a New Business Model

If you’re project-based, you may look to acquire a recurring revenue model. An acquisition can fast-track and streamline the implementation of a new business model.

Process-Driven Funding Facilitation

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